Digital startup

9 axis

The company has been established for the research and development of a custom videogame controller created to simulate precise movement using new technologies. The main feature is the lack of buttons which is replaced by new axis.

Green Drops

Green Drops Farm has created an innovative hydroponic system that, due to its special design, can be operated as an aquaponic system and can be used all year round. We can satisfy the needs of both private individuals and large-minded entrepreneurs, as our equipment can be expanded, and production can be automated with further developments. Our goal is to promote local, sustainable crop production and reform agriculture.

Intech Studio

Grid is our modular MIDI-controller system, targeted at people working in creative fields such as music and video production. Grid modules are compact and tactile, built for function and reliability. Grid modules are adaptable to any setup, be it in a studio environment, working while traveling or even live on stage. Every module is designed to fulfill a role on it's own, but using multiples in a system is where Grid really comes into it's own.

Rollin Technologies

Rollin is a developer of wireless charging technologies, offering scalable charging solutions for e-scooter sharing companies and industrial parks of all sizes. Founded by a group of engineering students who started by scribbling their ideas on a piece of paper, today we offer smart, innovative services to dozens of clients worldwide. A present ‘dockless’ sharing company can reduce their charging costs up by 60% with rollin’s optimized charging stations which provide fully automated system operation.

Sole Utions (Norsgud)

We design and manufacture high tech shoes, midsoles and outsoles. We recently launched our lightweight comfy formal shoe – Urban Oxford- for businessmen and a new paper thin midsole insulation technology that’s able to replace centimeters of an average sole minimizing weight and plastic consumption while keeping your feet warm.